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MyTeam: An Introduction

If you've got MyWay figured out, then MyTeam is simple - it's simply a group of agents who subscribe to all of the services we offer, in return for a commission split in lieu of item-by-item payment.

MyTeam is perfect for agents who don't want to go it alone in this business. You may just not be ready yet to branch off, or you may simply see the value in having a full supporting cast around you and not having to wear all the hats all the time.

MyTeam is a grouping of everything needed to run a high-powered real estate business, centered around the agent. Unlike a traditional real estate team, where agents may or may not have control of their processes, personalized branding, or ownership of their leads, agents in MyTeam maintain full autonomy in their businesses. Put simply, we're on your team.

>Full support of an agent working under an independent brokerage or team umbrella

>Ownership and autonomy of operating your own business

>Regular coaching, group coaching, and collaboration with other like-minded agents

>Leads and lead generation systems provided

>Escalating commission scale up to 80%

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